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Trump ran up the score with these voters in New Hampshire primary win, Fox News Voter Analysis reveals

The New Hampshire primary has wrapped and former president Donald Trump is the winner.

With our Fox News Voter Analysis election survey, we’ve been talking with more than 1,800 N.H. Republican primary voters.

Let’s start by looking at some of the groups where Trump did the best.

Half of N.H. Republican primary voters describe themselves as MAGA supporters, and 87% of them voted for Trump. He also did well with conservative voters, folks without a college degree, and rural voters. 

This is similar to what we saw in Iowa last week.

When did primary voters decide who they were voting for? Six-in-10 decided more than a month ago. 

And 69% of this group goes for Trump, only a quarter for Haley.

What do Republican primary voters think about how the country is run? About three-in-10 voters say they want complete and total upheaval -- and 82% of them go for Trump. 

This is even more than in Iowa, where 70% of these caucus goers went for Trump.

One more thing, about winning in November: 74% say it’s very important for the Republican nominee to be able to win in November. Over six-in-10 of these voters go for Trump.

Numbers may change a point or two as results update.

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