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Rick Rule: I Was Early on Uranium, Here’s Where I’m Looking Next

Looking first at gold, he reminded market participants that currently only 0.5 percent of total US savings and investments are in assets related to precious metals — that’s much lower than the four decade mean of 2 percent.

‘I believe that we’re going to have reversion to mean,’ he explained. ‘I’m not one of these guys who says that the US Treasury market’s going to collapse, gold’s going to win the war against the US dollar — ridiculous. Reversion to mean. If you have reversion to mean, you quadruple demand for precious metals and precious metals-related securities in a market that is by itself 22 percent of the world’s savings and investment capital market. That’s what’s going to happen.’

In terms of uranium, Rule reiterated that although momentum remains, the easy money has been made.

‘I’ve now sold enough stock that I’ve recouped all my capital. I’ve sold enough to pay tax on the capital I’ve recouped. And I sold a little more just to reward myself for being smart and early,’ he commented.

When asked what commodity could be the next uranium, Rule said he isn’t seeing anything quite so obvious. ‘But,’ he added, ‘there are things that investors dislike because they’ve disappointed them, and that’s where I’m looking.’

Areas he’s eyeing include platinum and palladium, as well as laterite nickel. And Rule’s favorite speculation — although not for right now — is silver. Finally, he said for investors (not speculators) the oil and gas business is a no-brainer.

Securities Disclosure: I, Charlotte McLeod, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.

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