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Neighbors caught on camera fighting each other with garden tools in quiet cul-de-sac

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A wild video out of the U.K. shows two neighbors fighting over gardening tools, and one man left with a wound to his head that needed to be glued shut, according to local reports. 

A pair of neighbors, ​​Dean Nicholas and Paul Benton, got into a fight outside their homes in the Ashby Close cul-de-sac in Northamptonshire in 2021, which resulted in Nicholas landing in court years later, according to the Mirror.  

Video captured by another neighbor shows Nicholas and Benton standing outside in their neighborhood in July 2021, before Nicholas allegedly threw a pair of pruning clippers at Benton’s head. 

'You're f---ing mad,' Nicholas shouted at Benton as he held the clippers and another pair of gardening shears, the Mirror reported. 

'Calm down. I can’t believe you’ve just done that,' Benton responds after Nicholas launched the clippers at Benton’s head. 

Nicholas is seen heading back to his home before turning around to continue yelling at Benton. 

'You came out here f---ing with that thing,' Benton said, referring to a gardening tool Nicholas was holding. 'You almost gave me a f---ing heart attack, man.'

'I was taking it into my back garden,' Nicholas responded. 

Prosecutors said the incident unfolded after Benton was in his garden and noticed Nicholas was sitting in his car and called him over. 

'Mr. Benton noticed the defendant sitting in his car. He beckoned him over. There have been some issues before that have angered the defendant. The defendant went into his front door and picked up a large metal bar of about a metre in length,' prosecutor Jonathan Stone said, according to the Mirror. 

Stone said that Nicholas also picked up a pair of pruning clippers, later allegedly throwing them at Benton’s head. 

'He then picked up some secateurs and threw them at the complainant's head. He was shouting at the complainant and accused him of attacking him. The complainant was heard saying he just wanted to go back into his garden,' Stone said. 

Benton said the injury to his head required doctors at Kettering General Hospital to glue the wound. 

'It’s fair to say they’re not friends, but there’ve been no further incidents,' Nicholas’ attorney said, according to SWNS. 

Nicholas appeared in court this month, where he denied inflicting bodily harm but was found guilty. He was sentenced to 45 weeks in prison, and the judge noted he had a 'good chance' of rehabilitation following the incident. 

Nicholas was also ordered to pay Benton £280, or roughly $356, in compensation.

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