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Mother of American hostage held by Hamas asks for global support to mark 100 days of captivity

January 14th will mark 100 days since approximately 240 hostages were abducted by Hamas from the Nova music festival. Among the hostages was Hersh Goldberg-Polin, who is still being held captive.

Each day since her son was taken into captivity, Rachel Goldberg has written the number of days that have passed since he was taken on a piece of masking tape, and placed it on her chest over her heart. Now, she is asking the public to join her. 

The Bring Hersh Home campaign is launching an effort called 'Hostages on the Heart.' Goldberg has asked the public on January 14, 2023, to write the number '100' on a piece of tape and stick it to their shirts near their hearts, just as she has done for so many days and will continue to do until her son returns home. 

'For 100 days, I have sadly had to repeat the same custom every morning, watching the numbers grow day after day as I tape them to my shirt,' Rachel Goldberg said in a press release obtained by Fox News. 'I don’t want to do this for one more day, but for as long as Hersh remains stolen, I will continue to tape the number of days he has been gone to my chest. I ask that for day 100 you join me, helping us continue to raise awareness that over 130 hostages are still suffering in captivity and must be immediately released.'

On the day, the number will be representative of how many days her son and many others have been in captivity. 

Those who have been released, mostly as a result of a cease-fire deal in November 2023, have revealed horrific accounts of the things they endured while in captivity.

Goldberg hopes to get one million people to participate in this effort. 

You can share photos on social media with the hashtags #Bring_Hersh_Home and #BringThemHomeNow to show your support and help spread awareness. 

The IDF believes that there are still 132 hostages being held by Hamas that remain in Gaza to date.

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