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Making Earlier Detection of Ovarian Cancer a Reality

Ovarian cancer diagnostics company, Cleo Diagnostics Limited (ASX:COV) (CLEO, or the Company) is bringing to market a simple blood test for the accurate and early diagnosis of ovarian cancer, using its novel patented CXCL10 biomarker.

Cleo’s first test – AdnexaSureTM is designed to distinguish benign from malignant growths and will be compatible with standard diagnostic laboratory workflows worldwide.

The platform is backed by over 10 years of scientific Research & Development at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, with two clinical studies conducted in over 500 patients. Pursuant to a licence agreement with the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Cleo has a worldwide exclusive licence to commercialise the intellectual property underpinning its operations and the ovarian cancer tests.

Cleo is advancing the availability of its simple blood test, under a modular execution strategy to ultimately address all ovarian cancer detection markets with specific tests including surgical triage, recurrence, high risk, and early-stage screening.

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