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Israeli police thwart alleged ISIS terror plot against Jerusalem stadium, police station

Israel's security agency, Shin Bet, says it foiled a plot by three ISIS terrorists to carry out attacks in Jerusalem.

Authorities say two of the men had plans to use explosives and small arms fire in attacks on a police station and at a stadium in east Jerusalem. Both men had pledged support for ISIS and received training from the third ISIS terrorist, who specialized in organizing attacks within Israel, Israeli police said.

The third terrorist had received training abroad and urged the other men to do the same prior to the attack, according to police. All three were arrested last month before they could leave the country, however.

Authorities say all three men were in their 20s, though they did not offer any details about their identities.

'Prior to their apprehension, the two individuals had commenced preparations for executing terrorist attacks, acquiring knowledge in creating explosives and carrying out attacks. Diligent investigations conducted by the Jerusalem District Police and Shin Bet uncovered their intentions to orchestrate explosive charges and shooting attacks against a police station in Jerusalem and the vicinity of Teddy Stadium,' Shin Bet wrote in a joint statement with Jerusalem police on Thursday.

'During the interrogation process, it was revealed that these individuals had pledged allegiance to ISIS and meticulously plotted several attacks targeting key areas within Jerusalem, employing various methodologies, including the planned deployment of explosives and firearms,' the statement continued.

The announcement comes barely a week after Israel said it thwarted a massive Iranian smuggling operation aimed at delivering weapons to Palestinians in the West Bank.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said an investigation into known Hezbollah and Iranian operative Munir Makdah ultimately uncovered the smuggling scheme. Makdah had been working to recruit 'agents in Judea and Samaria to carry out attacks,' the IDF said in a statement.

'In recent months, Iranian agents have been attempting to smuggle weapons, including advanced arms originating from Iran, into Judea and Samaria with the intention of carrying out terror acts against Israel,' the statement read.

The confiscated cache included 2 BTB15 peripheral shrapnel charges, 5 Iranian anti-tank mines model YM-2 and 5 detonators, ⁠4 M203 grenade launchers, ⁠15 kg of C4 explosives, 10 kg of Semtex explosives, 13 shoulder-fired anti-tank missiles, ⁠15 RPG launchers, ⁠16 RPG-7 rockets plus explosives, 25 hand grenades, ⁠33 M4 rifles and 50 pistols, Israeli authorities said.

The Israeli military remains on high alert for potential terror attacks as well as retaliation from Iran after Israel is believed to have killed seven of its military commanders in a strike on its consulate in Syria this week. Israel has not claimed responsibility for the strike.

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