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Hamas survivor refutes progressives downplaying terrorists’ sexual violence

A recently released Hamas hostage's revelation of sexual violence against her fellow captives appears to refute anti-Israel progressives who tend to downplay or dismiss terrorists' atrocities.

Chen Goldstein-Almog, 48, was held hostage by Hamas with three of her children for 51 days following the Palestinian terrorist group's Oct. 7 attack on Israelis.

Her husband and eldest daughter were murdered by Palestinian terrorists during the attack.

Goldstein-Almog and her children were released by the terror group, and the wife and mother gave an interview with the Israeli press on Dec. 11 about her time as a hostage.

During her interview, Goldstein-Almog revealed she heard firsthand accounts of sexual violence from other female hostages by their Hamas captors.

'I heard the testimony directly from girls and heard things second hand,' Goldstein-Almog said. 'Some of the sexual violence happened well into our time in Gaza, not in the first week.'

'But the way their bodies were desecrated, they don’t know how they will deal with that. It happened weeks into their time in Gaza,' she said.

'If they were released earlier, they would’ve been saved from experiencing sexual violence,' Goldstein-Almog added.

Goldstein-Almog said they 'heard three stories firsthand of women saying they were sexually abused and we heard an additional story.' She added that 'presumably, there are more instances' of sexual violence by Hamas.

The former hostage also said she 'was threatened once when they thought I was wandering around and looking free' in the first apartment they were taken to and that 'there was a threat that' she would 'be handcuffed, but it didn’t happen.'

'I said I have kids and nothing happened to me,' Goldstein-Almog said. 'It was the only time I felt under threat [of sexual violence].'

A spokesperson for the Biden administration State Department noted earlier this month that one of the reasons Hamas does not want to release women hostages is because 'they don't want those women to be able to talk about what happened to them.'

Many American progressives have been largely silent on Hamas' sexual violence against Israelis, while some have downplayed or dismissed the reports of sexual assault.

Briahna Joy Gray, a former national press secretary for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, tweeted earlier this month, ''Believe all women' was always an absurd overreach: woman should be heard, claims should be investigated, but evidence is required.'

'The same is true of the allegations out of Israel,' Gray wrote in a Dec. 4 tweet. 'But also, this isn’t a ‘believe women’ scenario bc no female victims have offered testimony.'

'Zionists are asking that we believe the uncorroborated eyewitness account of *men* who describe alleged rape victims in odd, fetishistic terms,' Gray continued in a subsequent tweet.

'Shame on Israel for not seriously investigating claims of rape and collecting rape kits,' she added.

Progressive Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., was torched after she clashed with CNN's Dana Bash over the lack of widespread condemnation of Hamas' use of sexual violence against Israeli women during the Oct. 7 attacks.

The Washington state Democrat suggested that wasn't true, and claimed she had already condemned Hamas' treatment of women, before quickly turning the conversation back to Israel.

'But I think we have to remember Israel is a democracy. That is why they’re a strong ally of ours. And if they do not comply with international humanitarian law, they are bringing themselves to a place that makes it much more difficult strategically for them to be able to build allies, to keep public opinion with them, and frankly, morally, we cannot say that one war crime deserves another. That is not what international humanitarian law says,' Jayapal said.

'With respect, I was just asking about the women, and you turned it back to Israel. I’m asking you about Hamas,' Bash said.

The lawmaker said she had already answered the question and added, 'We have to be balanced about bringing in the outrages against Palestinians. Fifteen thousand Palestinians have been killed in Israeli airstrikes, three-quarters of whom are women and children.' 

'And it’s horrible,' Bash said. 'But you don’t see Israeli soldiers raping Palestinian women.'

'I don’t want this to be the hierarchies of oppressions,' Jayapal said.

Jayapal has since issued a statement 'unequivocally' condemning 'Hamas’ use of rape and sexual violence as an act of war.'

'This is horrific and across the world, we must stand with our sisters, families, and survivors of rape and sexual assault everywhere to condemn this violence and hold perpetrators accountable,' Jayapal said.

Neither Jayapal nor Gray immediately responded to Fox News Digital's request for comment.

Fox News Digital's Hanna Panreck contributed reporting.

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