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First on Fox: Republican National Committee January fundraising best monthly haul in 2024 cycle

- The Republican National Committee (RNC) appears to be coming quickly out of the gate when it comes to 2024 fundraising.

The RNC reports hauling in $12 million in January, which it highlights was over $2 million higher than any monthly fundraising total during 2023. 

The national party committee, which shared its figures first with Fox News on Tuesday, also noted that its digital grassroots and major donor fundraising hauls were higher in January than any other month over the past year.

The RNC also spotlighted that it is also on track to have a strong fundraising month in February, 'dispelling mainstream media narratives and proving that we will have the necessary resources to strengthen our infrastructure and investments to win in the fall.'

The national party committee faced a slew of stories last autumn – after its cash on hand dropped to just over $9 million – that questioned the RNC's fundraising and overall finances.

But longtime RNC chair Ronna McDaniel emphasized in a statement that 'we’re 10 months out from Election Day, and the RNC is not only raising the necessary resources, but we’re continuing our strategic investments in battlegrounds across the country to take back the Senate and White House, and grow our majority in the House in the fall.'

'While Democrats have no ground game nor any issues to run on, Republicans are firing on all cylinders to get-out-the-vote and grow our Party to Beat Biden,' McDaniel argued.

The RNC didn't share its latest cash on hand figures, as the filing of its fundraising report wasn't due until the end of business on Wednesday.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC), which has yet to release its January fundraising, enjoys a joint fundraising agreement with President Biden's re-election campaign. And the DNC outpaced the RNC for much of the past year. But Republicans note that even with an incumbent president in the White House, the DNC is barely outraising the RNC in direct fundraising cycle-to-date. 

The RNC, touting its strategic investments, notes that it has hired political and election integrity directors and support staff in 15 battleground states, including important House and Senate states such as New York, California, and Montana. It also highlights that its invested in recent years in community centers in states including California, New York and Texas.

And the RNC also spotlights its Bank Your Vote Initiative – an early in-person voting and ballot harvesting push to improve the GOP's vote totals heading into Election Day in November.

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