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Firebird Metals’ Integrated Strategy Well-placed in Booming LMFP Batteries Market, Analyst Says


The growing demand for high-purity manganese sulphate monohydrate (HPMSM) used in lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP) batteries positions Firebird Metals (ASX:FRB) to become significant player in the manganese market for LMFP batteries and EV manufacturers, according to an analyst report published by Terra Studio.

“Compared to its peers, Firebird Metals and its Hunan high-purity manganese sulphate monohydrate project accumulate a number of enviable characteristics: lowest capital expenditure; lowest capital intensity; life of project not limited by a mineral resource; lowest operating cost; highest profitability index (NPV/capex) with the lowest HPMSM price assumption; best expertise in lithium-ion batteries and in particular LFP and

LMFP batteries; and largest market at its doorstep,” stated the report prepared by JF Bertincourt, director of Terra Studio.

Firebird Metals is focused on developing its Oakover high-purity manganese project in Western Australia and integrating a downstream processing facility in China to produce battery-grade HPMSM for the LMFP battery market.

“Firebird Metals is extremely well positioned to take advantage of the booming market for LMFP batteries,” Bertincourt wrote, citing the significant market outlook for LMFP batteries, which is expected to replace 50 percent of lithium-ion phosphate batteries (LFP) by 2030.

Highlights of the report:

Firebird Metals is extremely well positioned to take advantage of the booming market for LMFP batteries, given its strategy to develop a processing facility in China, which will be fed by concentrate from its Oakover projectIf successful, Firebird is poised to become a significant player in the manganese market for LMFP batteries and EVs, and also become a supplier for the silica-manganese alloy market.LMFP is expected to dominate the cathode market for EV batteries, due to the manganese’s ability to make LFP batteries safer, cheaper and have more range.

Read the full report here.

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