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Country music star releases song endorsing ‘America’s Governor’ DeSantis: ‘Never Back Down’

FIRST ON FOX: A Florida country music star has released a song supporting Gov. Ron DeSantis touting the governor’s leadership that his presidential campaign says will be played at all events going forward. 

Billy Dean, a member of the Florida Music Hall of Fame with 3 certified gold albums and 11 Billboard country music top hits to his credit, recorded a song called 'Never Back Down' which the DeSantis team used to produce a music video supporting the governor. 

'The fight is tough, you gotta stand your ground, and if you still believe in the American Dream then never back down, never back down, never back down, and if you still believe in living free, never back down,' Dean sings in the song. 

The song continues, 'They shame us just because we love our country, attacking everything that we hold dear. They shame us for our faith, our flag, our family, so why the hell are they still living here?'

'I’m a Florida native and resident, who has lived the American Dream,' Dean, nominated for a Grammy in 1992 for his song 'Somewhere In My Broken Heart', told Fox News Digital on Wednesday. 'My dad served in WW2 and lost 2 brothers Harold Mason Dean and Robert Lloyd Dean to the cause. They sacrificed their dreams so I could live mine. My dad did not want me to serve the country with guns and bullets but I can serve with my pen, paper, and guitar.'

'Ron DeSantis is not just Florida’s Governor, he is America’s Governor and he inspired me to write and record a song as a message to all those who put power and party above country, you won’t get away with it without a fight. I owe it to our Veterans to NEVER BACK DOWN'

Dean’s song marks the second time in about a year that a star musician has publicly supported his political efforts. In 2022, Johnny Van Zant, lead vocalist of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and his brother Donnie Van Zant of 38 Special wrote 'Sweet Florida' with lyrics touting DeSantis’s leadership.

'We got to thank Governor DeSantis for standing and believing for what he believes...he’s been a great governor for us,' Johnny told 'Fox & Friends' at the time.

The song's release comes less than a week before Monday's Iowa Caucus where voters will take part in the first election of the 2024 presidential cycle.

DeSantis is currently polling at 16.4% in Iowa, according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls, neck and neck with former ambassador Nikki Haley at 16.6% and trailing former President Donald Trump who sits at 52.2%.

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