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Climate groups urge Speaker Johnson to fight back on Biden’s ‘Green New Deal agenda’

FIRST ON FOX: Right-wing climate and energy groups are urging House GOP leaders to go further in their opposition to President Biden’s green energy policies.

'In addition to 2023’s climate science claims falling far short of reality and honesty, President Biden’s Green New Deal climate policy agenda is also in rapid meltdown and countdown to disaster,' a letter sent to Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., and Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., said. 

The letter was accompanied by a 13-page report arguing that claims made this year about global temperatures rising and events like decreasing monarch butterfly populations were incorrect. 

'Not a day seems to go by without news of some sort of EV [electric vehicle] disaster or problem. From the supply chain that includes child slave labor in the Congo and Communist China-sourcing of key materials and parts; to low consumer demand because of high prices, inconvenience and poor performance/failure; to auto industry financial losses, job cuts and labor problems; to the utter waste of taxpayer money through Inflation Reduction Act subsidies and programs, EV’s are becoming a casebook study in the failure of government industrial policy,' one of the highlights in the letter read.

'Taxpayers are subsidizing this disaster at the rate of $50,000 per EV over a 10-year period. This is a gasoline-equivalent subsidy of $17.33 per gallon. Crowning this disaster is that there is not a single chance that EVs will ever improve the climate or environment.'

On offshore wind farming, the letter said, 'Not only is offshore wind the most expensive way to generate electricity, as with EVs, there is not a single chance that any amount of offshore wind power will improve the weather, climate or environment.' 

It comes after the House voted to disapprove of President Biden’s 'Buy America' requirements for taxpayer-funded EV charging stations.

The resolution is aimed at overturning the president's Waiver of Buy America Requirements for Electric Vehicle Chargers. Republican lawmakers argued the waiver would benefit Chinese manufacturers who dominate the EV charger supply chain. Its Senate counterpart, led by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., passed in November.

But the letter’s signatories, which include experts from the Heartland Institute, Energy & Environment Legal Institute, American Energy Institute (AEI), Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC), and Truth in Energy and Climate, suggest Johnson should go further in cracking down on Biden’s agenda.

'The false claims used to support the Green New Deal agenda and its ensuing policy failures are jeopardizing our economic and national security, and our liberties and standard of living while failing to produce any demonstrable benefits,' the letter said.

'As Congress addresses these vital issues in 2024 and beyond, we hope you will take note of these developments.'

Fox News Digital's Thomas Catenacci contributed to this report

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