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Causalities, kidnapped and more numbers since Hamas’ attack on Israel

Since the surprise attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists Saturday, hundreds of civilians, including babies, the elderly, and soldiers have been killed, wounded or captured. Israel retaliated against Hamas by firing missiles into Gaza.

A terror attack by Hamas at a music festival in Israel claimed the lives of at least 260 concert-goers with many others kidnapped and injured. Those abducted — including American citizens — are still being held hostage in Gaza.

According to local Israeli outlet i24News, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers discovered a brutal scene of 40 dead babies, some decapitated at Kfar Aza, one of the communities Hamas terrorists invaded early Saturday morning.

'We now know that American citizens are among those being held by Hamas,' President Biden said in a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Below are the most recent numbers related to the war. Fox News Digital will continue to inform on fatalities, hostages, death toll and more as they are reported and confirmed by officials.

At least 1,000 Israelis have died At least 4,250 Palestinians are wounded At least 2,700 Israelis are injured At least 830 Palestinians have been killed At least 14 Americans are reported dead At least 150 soldiers and civilians are being held hostage in Gaza At least 4,500 rockets have been fired by Hamas terrorists At least 1,500 Hamas terrorists have been found dead At least 260 died at the Tribe of Nova music festival At least 70 terrorists invaded Kfar Aza At least 200 Israelis were found dead in Kfar Aza At least 40 babies were murdered by Hamas terrorists in Kfar Aza At least 30 missing persons have been located and rescued at a kibbutz The population of Gaza is 2,000,000,000 The population of Israel is 9,795,000 72 hours of silence from President Joe Biden until he first addressed the Israel-Hamas war on Tuesday, October 10 4 days of war as of Tuesday, October 10
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